Q: Is this a safe activity during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: Absolutely! Our Pirate Ship is open air, is restricted to six passengers (all from the same group), we have hand sanitizer and masks available, our Captain will be wearing a mask the entire time, the vessel is sanitized between each use, and the reservation/ticketing process is all contactless.

Q: Which cruise is best for my crew?

A: The two-hour cruise ($425) is great for an all adult crew; while, we’ve found that the one-hour ($220) is perfect for families with little ones. Two hours can be a little bit too long for kids, and one hour isn’t enough time for adults that want to explore.

Q: What is the alcohol policy?

A: All beverages and food (including alcohol) are provided by the customer. Any and all outside food and beverage must be cleaned prior to the end of the cruise.

Q: Is there a head (restroom) onboard?

A: We do have a camp toilet that really makes for a pirate experience; however, we recommend using the restroom before your cruise. We can also pull over to a public restroom along the shoreline.

Q: What all is included with the cruise?

A: Your cruise includes two-hours of being on our vessel with music, activities for children, and a ton of information! Once the pandemic restrictions have been lifted, we will allow larger groups, have snacks and drinks for sale, merchandise available, and more!

Q: What other safety precautions are you taking?

A: Besides our public health response, we fully comply with U.S. Coast Guard standards for safety and security of a commercial passenger vessel. A Safety and Operations inspection is conducted every morning before we start our day and at various times throughout each day.

Q: What happens if the weather cancels our cruise?

A: In the event of or possibility of inclement weather, we will be in touch with your group’s main contact to reschedule your cruise or provide a refund.

Q: Will I get seasick on the Pirate Ship?

A: The Jolly Roger is a converted 26′ Bayliner Rendezvous pontoon boat. It is extremely steady on most conditions, even when jumping around. As stable as it is, some people are very susceptible to motion sickness and in that event we encourage those passengers to eat lightly and drink ginger ale to calm their stomach’s prior to boarding. Once motion sickness sets in, there is very little that can be done.

Q: Where do we meet the Pirate Ship at?

A: Along the North Shore of the Allegheny River near the Mr. Rogers Statue. There will be a ticket agent there to help organize your group, provide a safety brief, and answer any of your questions. Trust us when we say that you won’t mistake our Pirate Ship for anything else on the rivers!

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